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Decorating with table lamps
makes any room shine

by Priscilla Kohutek

photography by Al Rendon

Tall and skinny, short and fat, cute and funny, dazzling and serious — LAMPS! That’s what we’re talking about, in every shape and size and mood imaginable. Who knew it would be so hard to decide on the right lamp for the right place? It’s a confusing and complicated task for most of us because, these days, we just have too much from which to choose.

Lamps are no longer simply functional items plunked down on tabletops just because that’s where your mother and grandmother put them. The up-to-the-minute thing to do is to tuck lamps into unexpected places, like bookcase shelves — using the itty-bitty ones with 10-watt bulbs that serve absolutely no useful purpose except that they are so cute we just can’t resist them. Fortunately, some creative designer came up with the idea of using these extraordinary pieces for pure decoration, thus allowing us to put them on kitchen and bathroom countertops, windowsills — and anyplace where there are convenient outlets. They are some of the special things that make decorating so much fun. They’re quirky, surprising elements to delight the eye.

But, let’s say you need some serious lamps for your living room or your bedroom or the study — or maybe all of the above and more. Where should you start? What kind of lamp goes on which table, chest or nightstand? How much should you spend? How many should you buy?

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